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Stage Productions
Et Cetera

2009::Chhotto Bangla Gorhechhi

2009::Chhotto Bangla Gorhechi

We Built Here A Tiny Bengal:: Bengali children of Atlanta celebrate their rich cultural heritage

Opening Ceremony, Bangamela 2009, Atlanta, GA

Date: Friday, July 17, 2009
Venue: Gwinnett Performing Art Center

Banhi Nandi
Raktim Sen

Concept, Music, Lighting Design, Animation, Audio/Video Recording, Editing & Re-mixing
Raktim Sen

Choreography, Casting & Costume Design
Banhi Nandi

Sanjukta Haldar
Paromita Ghosh
Banhi Nandi
Munmun Sen

Stage Managers
Chandan Bhattacharjee
Arunava Saha

Crayon Sketches
Indrajit Chaudhuri
Amirita Sarker

Additional Help
Parent of participating children

(In alphabetical order by last name)
Sejuti Banik
Radhika Chattopadhyay
Suporna Choudhuri
Priyansha Das
Shinjini Das
Rishi Dutta
Srija Dutta
Tinny Dutta
Eleena Ghosh
Sneha Ghosh
Abhi Mukherjee
Ilona Mukherjee
Ishita Mukherjee
Swastika Mukherjee
Briti Nandi
Kriti Nandi
Piyasa Molly Paul
Puhsan Paul
Riya Purkayastha
Ananya Roy
Sharon Roy
Aaditya Saha
Suraj Samanta
Amrita Sarker
Sohaum Sengupta
Sourav Sengupta

Special Appearance
Jaba Choudhuri
Ruma Das
Krishnakali Dutta
Paromita Ghosh
Sweli Ghosh
Reshmi Mukherjee
Sabitri Paul
Sanghamitra Saha

© ℗ Copyright for music owned by respective music owners.

© ℗ Copyright for “Aa Mori Bangla Bhasha- An Ode” and “Ek Chhotto Bangla Gorhechi”  by Raktim Sen.

A Bengali Association of Greater Atlanta Production for Bangamela 2009