My Poems

The Art of Saying, “No.”

A poem written for our son on his High-School Graduation!

The past few years you worked so hard,
And we too, worked with you.
We told you all that you must do,
But mostly what not to do.
Now as you take another step
With a well-earned degree,
Remember, it’s easy to say, “Yes”
Than to say, “I disagree!”

All that you have learnt so far
Has just opened a door.
The next few years will shape you up
With your character as the core.
You will learn, of all the things
That you will ever need to know,
You must master with every passing day
The “Art of saying, “No.”

You will then be right on your track,
Your visions always clear.
You will do the things that are right for you
Without having to fear.
As you grow older, you will be wiser,
One thing you surely will know.
We will always be better than you
At the “Art of saying, “No!”

Congratulations, Rouhin!
Wish you the very best in every thing you do.
Your Ever-loving Parents,

May 21, 2004

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